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Customer Reviews &Testimonials

Thanks for your feedback Texas! Read Potentia Energy’s customer reviews and testimonials.
"FYI two years ago I put a Facebook cry for help b/c I couldn't decipher who was a good service provider and who had the best rates and was very overwhelmed when a friend of mine came to the rescue... So I checked [Potentia] out and have been hooked ever since :). They make it SOO easy to understand the bill. I like that they use the KISS concept (Keep It Simple Silly)- I live by that :). I tell EVERYONE I know about Potentia and my neighbors and friends are all very glad I do :) Tell your supervisor that you are AWESOME and that I LOVE that you personally emailed us to advise of the situation. Now that is old school service! As long as your prices are in line you have made customers for LIFE!"
- Johaunna G.
"I just want to let you know that during the last year my experience with Potentia Energy employees was the major reason for my renewal with the company. I appreciate the good offer but the good service was the key point. Since the power was deregulated the companies I have used were very nice at the selling point/signing time, but lacked after I became a customer, but your employees have been very helpful throughout the contract time. I really appreciate the service and courtesy received."
- Norma M.
"Thank you for processing this so efficiently and quickly. We are already excited about switching over to Potentia based on the interactions we've already experienced during the enrollment process! Your team has been extremely friendly, very efficient and even quick to answer the phone. We just simply wanted to pass on our gratitude and give credit when/where good credit is due."
- Brad & Stefanie F.
"Thank you for assisting me with this. This has been the best customer service I have received from a utility and why I will be opening another account this month."
- Anonymous.
"I have been very pleased with your electric company. When I was late in November with my payment, anyone I spoke to was very understanding and very pleasant. That means something in these hard times. Thank you so much."
- Jennifer E.
"I so appreciate companies like yours that offer exceptional customer service. Thanks again!"
- Cynthia S.
"Thank you so much for all your help and your kindness. This is wonderful service. You are very good at what you do...best of luck to you and I'll be in touch soon."
- Anna R.
"Y'all have been really great to work with and I just want you to know just how much we appreciate that especially in today's way some people do business. As much as we are looking forward to moving into a new home it's bitter sweet [because it is not in a deregulated area]. Thanks again for taking care of us."
- Earl S.
“Potentia’s customer service is what sold me. I can actually talk to a real live person that explains to me my options and that means a lot to me and many other folks that I know. I am comfortable with a company’s contract when you are not afraid to explain it to anyone. Talking to a live person also means that you spend time and money hiring and training your people. This also makes the $.002 more that I paid at the time worth it to me. I will more than likely choose Potentia again not because of the price but because of the customer service.”
- Victor M.
“I did not catch her last name, however she was very informative and one of the nicest if not the nicest customer service rep I have ever talked with. I transferred from [Retail Electric Provider] and she made it too easy to do! Please thank her for us.”
- Steve Y.
“I have recently signed up for Potentia service that will be effective July 29th. I have been extremely impressed with your customer service. Being able to get someone on the phone immediately when calling your company has been very impressive. I have worked with [Potentia Customer Care Agent] and I cannot emphasize enough how helpful and informative she has been. Speaking with [Agent] has taken customer service to a whole new level. Kudos to your company for implementing this type of service.”
- Cheryl B.
“I appreciate your service and the rate you have offered me for the last year and my re sign up rate.”
- Carolyn R.
"…In retrospect, a call to the SMT Help Desk would have been easier but this was a good test of the Potentia customer service. You did great, thank you again."
- Kevin J.
"I was in a bind with the buyer of our house and your quick response really helped. Thank you again."
- Ken K.
"Thank you for your understanding.It’s working with people like you who make people want to be loyal customers."
- Kristopher W.
"I spoke to [an agent] today about missing my early renewal deadline while I was out of town. She immediately offered to try to get approval from Management to send me another early renewal offer or allow this one to be extended. She was very willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen! Her voice told me she was really happy to help me. I told her I really appreciated her great service and attitude."
- Frances C.
"The customer service at Potentia Energy is top notch. Every time I have called, the person answering has been very cheerful and extremely helpful. I have had their service for a couple years now and their bills are easy to understand and there are no hidden fees."
- Ravi W.
"I've noticed several improvements in the way I was taken care of when I moved to Potentia Energy from my last Retail Electric Provider. My last electricity company would to talk down to me when I called, constantly lost my payments, and gave me the run around. Potentia has a different philosophy from my last company. The people I've spoken to at Potentia are so friendly and helpful. They listen to me and really take my needs into account and make sure to make my life easier! On top of that, my bill has dropped dramatically now that I’m with Potentia. All around, I’m extremely pleased with Potentia!"
- Peggy P.
"Giving customers good service, even when they are leaving, is a great and rarely found quality. Please keep that with you. We have great appreciation for your help."
- Navin S.
"In November of last year, I was approached by a competitor retail electricity provider representative who was selling rate plans and energy efficiency equipment that were appealing, especially given my interest in lowering my utility demand. This plan was supposed to be at 8.9 cents/kWh non-peak, and 11.5 cents/kWh peak. They also agreed to pay my termination fee with Potentia Energy, whom I was very happy with. Long story short, it was a scam, and the actual peak rate would be 24.5 cents/kWh. So I contacted them to cancel my order, which created the unique and challenging task of undoing a cancellation on the Potentia Energy side. At every point, the customer service representatives and managers at Potentia were courteous, extremely helpful, and committed to making me a satisfied customer…for the second time. Thanks for caring about your customers and distinguishing yourselves from the competition."
- Mark I.
About two months after I switched to Potentia, it took a total of nine business days for my payment to post. That month, I had not paid on-line through Potentia's website; I had paid through my on-line bill pay service through my bank. I worked with an agent from Potentia to investigate. Since my bank had written and mailed the check, rather than me, I had clear proof of when the check had been mailed, which I supplied to him. While he could not come up with a clear answer as to what took so long for Potentia to process, he did refund my late fee. He was very professional to work with. He was even willing to try an experiment the following month, working with me up front, to track how long my check would take to traverse Potentia's system. I ultimately started paying via credit card directly through Potentia's website, as I didn't really have the time to deal with any more surprises. Point of all this was he was great to work with. Hopefully he's still with Potentia!"
- Melvin S.
"My family and I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for your assistance on Friday. We were able to move in on Friday."
- Monique M.
"Since word of mouth is the best form of advertising, I would like for my comments to be posted on your website for future 'potential' customers. Last year, I gambled on this company as one of the choices that I found with the best rates at powertochoose.org. The surprise element was the exceptional customer service that this company offers. They value their customers' business! I just re-signed another year with Potentia and know that I am getting excellent value all around. In this very competitive market, Potentia shines brightly. Very satisfied."
- Sharla S.
"We have been exceptionally pleased with the service and consideration we received from Potentia. We recommend this energy company. Thank You!"
- Judy R.
"I enjoy doing business with Potentia because they are customer friendly and responsive; and I like their one-page billing statement that is easy to understand. Their ability to automatically withdraw my payment directly from my credit card is a service that met my wishes. I appreciate the professionalism of [their] customer service reps and subsequent contact with [the renewals specialist] concerning my recent contract renewal. You guys really did a great job of communicating with me and of reaching across to meet my request[s]. Thank you!"
- George S.
"Potentia Energy has been a great provider – I have had no problems with my bills or usage as I used to have with my previous provider! Their customer service is also excellent and makes it easy to pay my bill over the phone."
- Sheryl M.
"Thank you and Potentia Energy for your understanding [our concerns]. It shows us that Potentia does take customer service seriously. At every opportunity, we will recommend Potentia to our friends and neighbors."
- Matthew M.
"Thanks so much for your prompt responses. My next door neighbor and I were talking on Christmas day and were agreeing that dealing with Potentia is always very pleasant. She was glad I told her about your company. Also, I remember how helpful you were when I first signed up for Potentia. Have a happy and safe new year!"
- Lisa A.
"I have been with several electricity providers, and Potentia is the first to solicit continued business from me. It is also the first willing to keep my business. No problems through the first year!" 
- Anonymous
"I am impressed with the quality of people your company employs. I hope they're all like you! It's hard to find the service in "customer service" these days and it is much appreciated."
- Sandy H.
"I have never in my adult life dealt with the kind of customer service your company delivers, it is simply amazing. Many companies could learn a lot from you and your company. I say this not as fluff, I interact with people in stressful situations daily and am amazed with the disregard some companies, and more importantly some people, treat their customers. To you, I say well done! I truly am blown away by your organization."
- Kevin V.
"Thanks for all your previous help and your willingness to help at Potentia Energy. It is an honor working with people like you."
- Hassan A., Business Owner
"You have been very professional and very helpful, and both my wife and I appreciate that. Our experience with you has proven to be one of exceptional satisfaction, an experience that is not often replicated in today's business environment. It gives us pleasure that you can use our expressions of appreciation, and we look forward to a long and satisfying relationship with Potentia. Again, thank you for your time and efforts. They provide me with a better appreciation for customer service, Potentia style."
- Ann and Alex D.
"I have had the opportunity to try a several energy providers for my Kingwood home. No one provided better customer service on the phone than Potentia Energy. Electricity represents a significant portion of my monthly budget. I have found Potentia Energy to be very competitive on price and without sacrificing good customer service."
- Ray B.
"…I had not been able to check my mail in quite some time. I really do appreciate his following up with me and I am very happy that I am a Potentia customer, and I have already told several friends about my wonderful experience."
- Omar G.


The Most Affordable Residential Electric Rates in Houston, Dallas, Arlington & Fort Worth, Texas

At Potentia Energy, our goal is to be your Power for Life for many generations to come. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about Potentia Energy and our principles of simplicity, honesty, and trust. See how we apply these principles through our products and services every day and discover why we are rated by many as one of the best residential electricity companies in Texas. If you have any questions or need more information on our affordable & cheap residential electric rates in Houston, Dallas, Arlington & Fort Worth, Texas, feel free to call us at 1.877.NOW.POTENTIA (669.7683) or email us at contact@potentiaenergy.com

Potentia Energy's customer service is something extraordinary. To learn more about our exceptional service quality levels, read our customers' reviews and testimonials.Potentia Energy has one of the lowest customer complaints in the industry.That's why many rate us as the best residential electricity supplier company in Houston, Dallas, Arlington & Fort Worth, Texas, and many more cities.


Click to verify BBB accreditation and to see a BBB report.
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